Ivy Vega
Vital statistics
Title Ivy Vega
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Eye Colour Purple (natural)
Hair Color Brown
Family Charles Vega (father)
Olivia Abbott (twin sister)
Relationships Brendan Daniels (boyfriend)
Sophia Hewitt (best friend)
Location Franklin Grove

Ivy Vega Edit

Except for their eye colour and skin-tone, Ivy has wide, bright violet eyes, which is actually a very rare colour for vampires to have. She wears special contact lenses, to hide the colour of her unusual eyes- and to protect them from the sun. Ivy is "blessed" with a natural, flawless, white, marble complexion- and unlike most vamps and goths, doesn't need to fake it with make-up. Olivia and Ivy both have long dark brown hair, but they wear their hair differently. Ivy usually lets her hair down, so it covers her face. Olivia on the other hand, enjoys throwing it up into a pony-tail.

Ivy wears a lot of dark makeup, unlike her sister's natural looking makeup. She wears a lot- and I mean A LOT- of mascara and black eyeliner. She also usually wears lipstick colors like blood-red and dark-purple. 




Brendan DanielsEdit

Brendan is Ivy's boyfriend. At first, Ivy didn't really communicate with Brendan, because she was "utterly in love with him" and was too scared and shy to come clean about her true feelings. Now, she is not afaid at all, and had admitted she loves Brendan on multiple occasions.