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olivia and ivy

 These books are about two sisters who got separated at birth. Olivia, the cheerful one, transfers to Franklin Grove Middle School where she didn't seem to fit in. She was a bunny. Well, what the heck is a bunny? Olivia tries out for cheerleading and makes friends. She was wrong about them, especially Charlotte Brown. In class, she meets Ivy who is a goth and a total opposite of her. In fact, the Franklin Grove is full of goths. Ivy notices Olivia's ring which was the same as hers... only to find out that they were long-lost identical twins! Although, Ivy has a secret and telling it to Olivia meant breaking the First Law of the Night. She

was a vampire! Many trials head their way so they needed to be strong. Will they ever survive this twin-tastrophe? Get your copy and read to find out!

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