Olivia Abbott is the twin sister of Ivy Vega, and the daughter of Karl Lazar (Also known as Charles Vega) and Susannah Lazar (Nee Kendall)She is also known as "bunny", which in vampire language means 'human'.  

She was adopted by Audrey and Steve Abbott. Her biological mother unfortunately died giving birth to Olivia and Ivy. Charles Vega tried to take care of Ivy and Olivia. Taking care of a vampire baby and a human baby was too much for him and he sadly put Olivia up for adoption when she was one. The emerald ring Olivia wears was the only thing Karl left her with when she was adopted. Ivy also wears the same emerald on a necklace.  

Early LifeEdit

Olivia is the human daughter of Charles (Karl) and Susannah. It was thought that her mother (a human) died in a car crash when she was 34, but it is later discovered she died while giving birth to Olivia and Ivy. Her father (a vampire) believed the reason she died was because she couldn't handle the vampire blood running inside of her, and blamed himself for her death. For one whole year, he decided to raise Ivy and Olivia side by side, even though Ivy was a vampire and Olivia was not. Then one day, Olivia drank a vampire baby formula and unfortunately, drank almost all of it. Charles started panicking because he thought something would happen to Olivia. So, on the day before her and Ivy's first birthday, Charles gave Olivia up for adoption so she could safely be raised by a human family. This way, she wouldn't make the same mistake her mother did by mixing with Vampires. He left her with only his wedding ring which she is given on her tenth birthday. The ring is one of a pair and the other belongs to Ivy. Ivy has Karl's wedding ring while Olivia has Susannah's.


Olivia is an 8th grader at Franklin Grove Middle School. She is a cheerleader for the Franklin Grove Devils. Olivia is known to be very perky, bright, talented, and popular, thanks to all the publicity her and her sister Ivy get for being long-lost identical twin sisters. She is a bunny (human in vampire language), and is the complete opposite of her Goth, vampire and black-clad but stylish sister Ivy. Olivia is also a vegetarian (her favourite food is tofu) unlike Ivy who loves meat. While Ivy hates attention, Olivia doesn't mind it at all. Olivia and Ivy are both very good at gymnastics. Besides cheerleading, Olivia is okay in singing and is proven to be an incredibly good actress. She later auditions for the female lead role in a movie, and ends up starring along side Jackson Caulfield. Before he came to town, Olivia was in love with him, his songs, and his movies. Olivia loves to read, especially the Count Vira series, which coincidentally are about vampires and forbidden love. She had also been raped and was pregnant. she had sex multiple times


Olivia and Ivy look totally identical. They both have round chins, high noses and brown eyebrows. Everything else about how they physically look is alike except for their eye colour, and skin tone. Olivia has beautiful blue eyes and naturally tanned skin colour but sometimes uses her Santa Monica Beauty spray tan. Olivia and Ivy both have long dark brown hair however Olivia's tends to have some brighter highlights while Ivy's tends to have darker highlights. Olivia usually gels it up in a ponytail, whilst Ivy lets it tumble over her shoulders, covering her face. The other difference is that Ivy is a vampire while Olivia is a human or what vampires call a 'bunny'.

Olivia wears natural looking make-up with bright pink glitter and blush, unlike her sister's dark, stereotypical goth make-up. Olivia usually puts on pink lipstick, blush and a thin layer of mascara. Since Olivia is already naturally tanned, she doesn't need Santa Monica spray-on tan and if she did use it, she would most likely have a very orange looking complexion. Ivy has really pale skin since she is a vampire.Relationships

Charles Vega Edit

Olivia's and Ivy's dad real name is Karl Lazar


Camilla Edmundson Edit

Olivia became friends with Camilla when she first came to Franklin Grove and met her when Olivia was at the principal's office. Olivia was ecstatic to see someone not wearing black and into not into Count Vira Books. .

Charlotte Brown, Katie, and Allison Edit

Olivia befriended Charlotte, Katie and Allison when she first came to Franklin Grove.