Sophia has been the best friend of Ivy Vega since the two of them were four years old. Until about halfway through the second book, Sophia was the only person who knew that Ivy and Olivia

Sophia Hewitt
Vital statistics
Title Sophia Hewitt
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Eye Colour Unkown
Hair Color Uknown
Family {{{family}}}
Relationships Ivy Vega (best friend)
Location Franklin Grove
Abbott were long-lost identical twin sisters and that Olivia also knew about the existence of vampires. Like Ivy, and most of the other goths in Franklin Grove, Sophia's a vampire. She was a member of Operation FANGED (Friends Against Needlessly Going to Europe in December). Sophia's really into photography and is also very nice and likes to help out her friends.

Family Edit

It's mentioned by Ivy that Sophia has a sister, and the Hewitt sisters used to have bunk bed coffins when they were little (it's unknown if Sophia's sister is older or younger than her).

Appearance Edit

The books never have really described Sophia's looks.